Why Nostalgia is Bullshit

So I met this girl Kimber* eight years ago and I thought that she was pretty awesome. She was the kind of girl that was popular with guys (but not in a slutty way). That is to say that she had more guy friends than girl friends and pretty much every single guy friend that she had wanted her. She was a very interesting mix of three different kinds of girls, she was a tomboy (she was raised by her single father and two brothers, after all), a “girly girl” when she had to look professional for her job and she was a stoner as well. She was naturally very pretty but she didn’t really wear makeup when she wasn’t working. If I had to describe her I would say that she looked like Teri Hatcher (in her prime), a little bit like Alyssa Milano and maybe Mary Louise-Parker.

Teri HatcherDan Golden Photoshoot 1989
And before you ask, the answer is yes, finding a girl who looks like this AND is into weed and videogames is like a gift from the heavens…

I think that she was, in a way, every nerdy guy’s fantasy because she was a nerdy tomboy who was into videogames (her favorite game being Red Dead Redemption, a favorite of mine as well), a girly girl when she had to be, and, as I said Continue reading