An Introduction, of Sorts…

I think it’s fair to say that I’m not Brad Pitt. Shit, even Brad Pitt isn’t quite Brad Pitt anymore. While I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m looking like Seth Rogen or Kevin Smith, it’s fair to say I’m not Zac Efron either. With that being said, in the past eight years or so I’ve done pretty well (or pretty terrible if you look at it another way) with women and have had my fair share of relationships. On the one hand you could say that I’ve done very well because I’ve almost always had two or three relationships a year for the past eight years, but if you were to look at it another way, you could argue that I’m TERRIBLE with women because I’ve been with two or three women a year for the past eight years or so, meaning that I’ve been dumped or cheated on multiple, multiple times over that period of time and I’m turning thirty-five next week and I still don’t have a wife or children yet.

So what’s the problem, you ask? The problem is, I, like so many other single-ish dudes my age, is that I’m a bit of a self-centered manchild, which would be okay if it weren’t for the fact that I’m also a very neurotic and self-centered GEEK of a manchild. That is to say I like my comics, sci-fi and pop culture. A LOT.

Now, you may have noticed that I said “single-ish” above. I say “single-ish” because I am, indeed just starting something new with someone great but we’re at the stage where we’re not quite boyfriend/girlfriend yet but we’re a lot more than friends since sex kind of/sort of kills friendships (unless you want to try the “friends with benefits” thing which is another topic for another time). Currently the magnificent Madison and myself are in this situation where we’re not sleeping around with other people but we aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive either since we’re both fickle and feeling each other out (insert your sex jokes here).

The difference about Madison and the other girls I’ve dated in the past is that she doesn’t like me writing about our relationship (or whatever the hell it is we have) on Facebook and I can see her point. Even if my settings are on “Close Friends” that’s still more open than it should be, but a WordPress blog is more okay since most of you don’t know me from any other asshole with a blog and I’m not posting my picture for the world to see.

So what’s this blog going to be about? It’s going to be my thoughts on relationships, love and other philosophical/semi-neurotic things I’m interested in. And to answer your question of “Why should I listen to what this asshole has to say” I can tell you I’ve had plenty of experience of what you should and SHOULD NOT DO in terms of dating and maybe my horror stories (and success stories) can make you laugh or give you some insight into what it’s like being or dating a Millennial manchild who is also geeky and neurotic. And if this shit bores you, I also have a toy review site as well as a comic centered one that I actually need to update after about (oh shit) five years.


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